Game developer

Hi there, nice to meet you!

I'm Tomás Esconjaureguy, a years old dev from Argentina, and I would be glad to make your project come true.

Feel free to mail me:

Featured games

These are some of my finished works...

Blood and Goods

A dungeon roguelike where you're your own wallet


A new horror has awaken...

Wool Pit

A hardcore mosh pit full of sheep



I love it! The best part is that I'm a full stack developer, which means I can build an entire project from it's concept to a functional software that supply your needs! If you're interested, the languages I know at the moment are C#, Java and Javascript, but I'm always up to learn something new.

Engines, IDE's & DB's

I use Unity to make 2D and 3D video games, I tend to create my own custom tools to improve workflow, also I have knowledge in particle systems, mecanim, shader implementation, scriptable objects and audio implementation with FMOD studio plugin!

There are other development tools that I use, some of them include Visual Studio, Eclipse, MySQL & Microsoft SQL.


I'm not an artist, but there had been situations where I had to make my own assets and that helped me to gather experience in some tools like Aseprite, Photoshop & Blender, I even know a bit of rigging and animation!

Team friendly

If I need to work with someone else, I'm also up to it... I've coordinated teams/worked with people from all around the world remotely and also sharing a place in an office. I'm used to work with communication tools like Trello, Slack or Discord; version control is important too, I'm up to work with GIT!